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 Clan application for TheArmedskull (Example)

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Aantal berichten : 85
Leeftijd : 31
Localisation : Somewhere in Assia
Registration date : 31-05-07

BerichtOnderwerp: Clan application for TheArmedskull (Example)   vr jun 08, 2007 5:53 pm

First name: Volkan (Hard to spell huh lol)

Age: 20

Time zone: GMT+2

Email address: warbugbuster@hotmail.com

Character name: TheArmedskull

Character level / class: 78/wind rider.

How many rebriths: 2

Do you plan on donating: Yea im farming for it

Do you use Ventrilo: Yea if works

What equipment are you using? Draconic leather set. +5 s grade jewels. as cd +3 etc.

What alts do you have? Cehennem(78wl) Bloodybishop (78bishop) Armedskull(40 ghost sentinel 1x reb) Turkishloki (78 moonlight sentinel) xxOZKANXX (72 Shilien Knight)Turrkishdagger (78 3x rebirthed Ghost hunter) Arm3dskull (78 3x rebirthed Wind Rider)Lordbloody, bloodyarrow etc. i cant type all there i dont remember all.

Hours spent playing per day: somtimes 12 sometimes 2. Depends on fun

Will you attend sieges and raids when scheduled: Yes

Are you the original owner of this account: Yes

What clans have you been in & why did you leave: 3OO, Forgotten Heroes. I didnt

Do you have friends that play, if so what clan: I have lots of friends who belongs to TCO and their alliance but we play as foe's as you know thats just a game.

Does anyone have access to your account: Yea my brothers. Sometimes they uses my warlord and tank but they doesnt login with my main.

Who refered you to HeavensKingdom? Nobody

Do you have any past L2 experience? Playing since lineage 1

Why do you want to join HeavensKingdom: I wanna stay with my friends.


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Clan application for TheArmedskull (Example)
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