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 application for Kolby

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BerichtOnderwerp: application for Kolby   ma jun 11, 2007 8:54 am

First name: Greg

Age: 13

Time zone: USA western mountain time

Email address: tennis2308@hotmail.com

Character name: Kolby

Character level / class: 73/sorcerer

How many rebriths: 2

Do you plan on donating: depends on how much money it costs

Do you use Ventrilo: all the time

What equipment are you using? +3 dark crystal, +3 AM acumen, tatassion jewels

What alts do you have? NONE

Hours spent playing per day: 1-15---depends on whats goin on.

Will you attend sieges and raids when scheduled: 100% YES

Are you the original owner of this account: Yes

What clans have you been in & why did you leave: NONE

Do you have friends that play, if so what clan: online friend-LordVamp not in a clan

Does anyone have access to your account: no

Who refered you to HeavensKingdom? i was in a party w/ truth, lies, and thearmoredskull during a high rate event. i was then refered here

Do you have any past L2 experience? been playin since open beta

Why do you want to join HeavensKingdom: i like big clans and the people i have talked to are nice.
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application for Kolby
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